The SAT is a college entrance exam, like the ACT. It measures knowledge from high school as well as knowledge needed to succeed in college. The SAT consists of a reading test, a writing and language test, and a math test. There is also an optional writing test.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ below for answers to some common questions. 

How is the SAT scored?

Scores range from 400 to 1600, with 800 possible points from the math section and 800 possible from the evidence based reading and writing section. For more information on understanding scoring, check out the SAT's website here

How do I prepare for the test?

College Board suggests the following:

There are also free study materials available through College Board's website.

What strategies can I use during the test?

What is considered a good score?

A “good score” depends on what college or university you plan to attend. Look at the admissions requirements for the schools you plan to apply to so that you have a minimum score in mind when preparing for the test. Scholarships often require a higher score than the minimum for admissions, so do some research to determine what a “good score” is for you. 

Should I take the ACT or SAT?

Check with the schools to which you plan to apply. Each school has a preference, but many accept both. To compare the ACT and SAT check out