Summer Bridge

Summer has arrived and you start to think - would my child benefit from tutoring over the summer or should I just let them take it off and rest?

Summer is a great time to decompress, regroup, and take some much needed time off without the daily routine of school and homework. However, it is also a great opportunity for your child to catch up or maintain their academic level. Summer tutoring also gives them a preview of what they will see in the upcoming year, which will help build their confidence. Studies show that students who don’t practice academics over the summer fall 2-3 months behind their peers. Studies also show that students who have a tutor during the summer are more likely to succeed in college than those who don’t.

Does your child need a tutor over the summer or re they better off using that time for rest and recovery - followed by a quick refresher in August before the first week of school? The following scenarios can assist you in determining which option is best for your child. 

My child is working below grade level. They had a difficult time completing homework assignments and/or taking tests. 

Consider summer tutoring to improve their skills and bring them up to grade level. 

My child struggled with a given subject throughout the school year. They finished with a B, but needed support from me or a tutor. 

Consider tutoring over the summer. This is even more important if the subject is one that builds one skill upon another, such as math, foreign languages, reading, or writing. Summer tutoring will boost their confidence in the skills are weak on. 

My child is working above grade level, but they procrastinate and are disorganized. 

Consider taking a couple months off and starting study skills tutoring sessions near the end of summer to learn how to stay organized in the upcoming year and preview some fall material. 

My child has a good grade in a particular subject, but it doesn’t come natural to him/her. 

Consider summer tutoring in order to help your child obtain a stronger understanding of the particular subject matter. 

My child is taking an honors course next year for the first time. 

Consider tutoring over the summer to prepare them for the rigors of advanced, honors, or AP classes. 

My child has assigned summer projects, books to read, packets to complete, or essays to write. They become unmotivated throughout the summer and may even have a habit of waiting until the last minute. 

Consider summer tutoring to complete these assignments and motivate them for the upcoming school year. 

My child is getting good grades and has anxiety problems. 

Consider starting tutoring a few weeks before school starts to preview the curriculum so that they feel comfortable and confident entering the school year. 

My child transitioning into middle school or high school. 

Consider tutoring over the summer to help them with the transition; middle school and high school can be challenging and different from what your child is used to. 

My child works above grade level and has mastery over the content area. They receive primarily A’s and complete their homework independently. 

Consider taking most of the summer off and start tutoring mid-July to work on summer assignments and preview material for the next grade.