Homework Help

Is homework time a struggle in your household? Are you having a difficult time explaining to your child how to do their homework? Do you find yourself doing your child’s homework, because it is easier than making them complete it?

You are not alone.

Studies show that:

No matter the age of the child or the subject, homework can create a difficult time in a household. Often times we hear from parents who are fully capable of doing homework with their kids, some even being educators themselves, who are exhausted and frustrated by the process. Other times we hear from parents who find it hard to work through their child's homework with them because the subject matter is presented or taught in a completely different way than how they initially learned it themselves. If you're finding yourself in this position, here's how Tutors for Tally can help you:

Environment matters. Children are exposed to many distractors at home, which can completely impede them from being able to finish their homework. Some examples of these distractors are: televisions, computers, cell phones, iPads, video games, noise, and other siblings. At Tutors for Tally, we provide your child with an environment free from distractions, perfect for them to focus on the task of completing homework.

Greater understanding of concepts. Our tutors are well-versed in the different teaching methods being used in schools today.

Access to resources. Not only will our tutors will help your child to complete their homework assignments, they will also make sure that your child leaves their session understanding the concepts that are being taught in the assignments. Using all of the resources we have available, if we see that your child needs extra support in a particular concept while doing their homework, we will go the extra mile and pull the additional materials needed to help them learn and understand the concept.