Rewards Program

Being successful makes you happy. Every time a child feels successful it helps them become more self-confident. They are proud and also encouraged to achieve another successful result. The National Association of School Psychologists suggests that reward systems help motivate students. Tutors for Tally's reward system is sure to motivate your child! From bath bombs and sport toys to Amazon and Target gift cards, every student, regardless of age, will be excited! 

How do students earn points?

At the end of each session, the tutor will ask your child how many points per category they feel they earned. This gives your child the ability to self reflect and allows the opportunity for their tutor to provide praise and feedback about the session. Students can earn between 0 and 10 points in each of the following categories for a total of 30 points per tutoring session:

When can a student redeem their points?

Students can redeem their points at the end of every session. They have the option to "bank" or save their points or spend them. 

What is my child tutors via Zoom?

Your child will still earn points! We are happy to deliver a prize they earned. Just send us an email with the prize you would like, and, if it is available, we will make sure your child receives it. 

What if my child needs immediate reinforcement and will not want to save their points?

Great news! We have a treasure box that contains small candy and toys. Anything out of the treasure box is worth 20 points.